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Leadership for the 21st Century

On April 22nd, 1999, members of the Break Open Ticket Program Management Alliance (BOTPMA) gathered in Toronto to discuss the future of Ontario’s Break Open Ticket (BOT) industry.  

Ever mindful of the challenges and threats to the future of the industry, the members examined themselves, drafted a new mission statement, and established a series of Goals and Objectives that will guide BOTPMA and its members into the 21st century.

BOTPMA’s new mission statement is reflection of the new-found maturity of Ontario’s BOT industry, and of an ability to think long-term about the future of the industry and the role that BOTPMA sees itself playing within the industry.

Through the development of this document, entitled Leadership for the 21st Century, BOTPMA has established itself as one of the leading partners in the industry and has recognized that this industry has a long and prosperous future ahead of itself.

The development of Leadership for the 21st Century is but one step in the process.  The difficult task now begins of prioritizing, and then implementing the Goals and Objectives that have been set.  As the entrepreneurs who turned Ontario into the largest charitable BOT market in North America, BOTPMA is clearly up to the challenge.

My thanks to all those who participated in the development of the Leadership for the 21st Century, and to Rick Sleaver of The Panache Group Inc. for facilitating our planning session.

I look forward to working with all members of BOTPMA to achieve our Goals and Objectives, and to building a long-term future for Ontario’s BOT industry.


Marie Kordos, President


Download Leadership for the 21st Century