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Across Ontario, thousands of charitable and not-for-profit organizations raise funds through the sale of break open tickets to support their work in our communities. 

Here are some of the great news stories about the sale of break open tickets across Ontario.

 Ontario - Volunteer hospital auxiliaries in 146 communities across Ontario have raised over $30 million over the past 12 years from the sale of BOT's.  The funds raised have stayed in these communities to purchase hospital equipment, support research and promote volunteer development, and ultimately supported patient care.

Kingston - Funds raised through the sale of BOT's by HIV/AIDS Regional Services have helped assist those that are living with HIV or AIDs in the Kingston and surrounding area.

Peterborough - The Peterborough Regional Health Centre raised $79,881 during the last year and the hospital was able to purchase a food belt line, a dry floatation mattress and a fetal
heart monitor to support patient care in the Peterborough area.

Maxville - The Maxville Volunteer Fire Fighters' Association has been raising funds through BOT's to make possible the purchase of new fire fighting equipment.  Money raised also helps to promote fire safety in the community by visiting area schools and teaching students how to stay safe.

Frontenac County - In order to promote safe skiing and to provide first aid to injured alpine and nordic skiers, the Canadian Ski Patrol, Frontenac Zone, has been raising funds through the sale of BOT's.  The organization has also been able to support other charitable community programs in need.

Kenora - The Break Open Ticket lottery is by far the Lake of the Woods Hospital Auxiliary's largest source of income.  Operated by twenty-six auxiliary members, these tireless volunteers sell tickets three afternoons a week in the Kenora Shopper's Mall.  This past year, the Auxiliary has pledged $141,000 to purchase much needed equipment for the hospital including a domestic water pump and freeze unit, five secure beds, five GO beds, a Spiro meter and examination table, two clinical recliners, a concept 45 wheelchair, four commodes, furnishings for paediatrics, an oxygen concentration/alarms and a simulator trainer.

Leeds & Grenville County - As a volunteer hospice home visiting service, the North Grenville Community Hospice is able to serve clients and their families suffering at any stage of a life threatening illness.  With the help of funds raised from the sale of BOT's, the organization is able to offer their services at no charge and also provide a bereavement follow-up service and support group as necessary.

Perth - A small group of Great War Memorial Hospital Auxiliary members has raised more than $100,000 over the past ten years from the sale of break open tickets to buy necessary medical equipment for their 100 bed hospital in Perth (population 6,000).  The Auxiliary has purchased recommended medical equipment for the hospital including their recent purchase of $34,681 video colon scope for their operating room.  

Quinte West - The Trent Port Historical Society has used the proceeds of BOT sales to restore and renovate the local town hall.  

Kingston - The Canadian Force Communications & Electronics Museum uses BOT funds for maintenance and operational funding for the Museum.  This enables the Museum to provide the community with an educational look into our past, present and future with regard to communications and electronics in the military.

Brighton - The Rotary Club of Brighton has been involved in the sale of BOTís for many years and has supported organizations such as the Brighton Food Bank, Christmas Baskets for the needy, Coats for Kids, the Salvation Army, St. Johnís Ambulance, The Terry Fox Run, Trenton Memorial Hospital and a host of other organizations.

Belleville - The Quinte Adult Day School uses the proceeds from BOT sales to rent space for its programs, offer life programs and offer enrichment to its clients.  

Kingston - First Avenue Public School has been raising funds through the sale of BOT's since June of 1999.  They have successfully been able to raise over $75,000 in net profits from their one retail location!  This allows the school to give inner city students opportunities that are not readily available to them.  These funds have enabled educators to purchase playground equipment, sports equipment, computers, software, desks, and resource materials.

Delaware - Delaware Mount Bridges Minor Baseball uses the proceeds of BOT sales to purchase equipment, purchase uniforms, provide umpires, maintenance of their diamonds, etc.  ďWithout these proceeds [BOTís], our association would have to raise registration fees, which we refuse to do because we believe all kids, rich or poor, deserve the right to play sportsĒ stated their Fund Raising Chair.

Westover - The Westover Treatment Centre is a co-educational residential alcohol treatment centre for addictive people and their families.  Through the sale of BOTís, the centre financed a $350,000 expansion to the centreís kitchen and dining room.

Oxford County - The Alzheimer Society uses BOT funds to educate the public, assist in the development of new programs and services and assist in the continuation of current services.  The services include Adult Resource Centres to provide information, the Sensory Stimulation Centre which purchases articles that provide activity and stimulation for the person with Alzheimer Disease, monthly support meetings for families dealing with Alzheimer Disease, and many more programs and services.

Toronto - The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation sells BOTís in communities across Ontario to support leading-edge research into breast cancer.

Ontario Ė BOTís have become an important fundraiser for hospital auxiliaries across Ontario, with patients in each community as the major benefactor.  Over the past ten years, hospital auxiliaries have netted in excess of $25 million, which has provided substantial donations for hospital equipment (not funded by government) as well as medical research and volunteer education.

Dorset Ė Camp Dorset is a one-of-a kind childrenís camp for those who must use dialysis machines and regulated equipment due to kidney failure.  The Camp allows children to experience summer vacations with their family, which would otherwise be unavailable without the fully equipped facility.  Break Open Ticket proceeds have been used to purchase dialysis equipment.

Sudbury - The Sudbury Arts Council raises funds to support its programs and services including the Arts and Crafts program of the Elizabeth Fry Society; the Prison Arts program of the John Howard Society; Earthdancers, a group of youth who create and perform their own dance compositions, which in turn raises money for worthwhile local causes; Open Minds Quarterly, a creative writing and artistic journal for people who are dealing with or recovering from a mental illness and the Bell Park Gazebo Concert Series, 14 free Sunday evening concerts in the park which introduce people to a variety of music genres and which promotes local musicians.

Sault Ste. Marie - Parents and children alike have benefited from the sale of BOTís by an organization called KidsHope of Sault Ste. Marie.  KidsHope offers a variety of programs for young children throughout the Algoma district.

Toronto Ė ProAction raises funds to promote community relations by funding activities and events between Metro Torontoís Community Relations Police Officers and the youth of Metro Toronto. 

Huntsville Ė Eight years ago, the HLS Foundation established a BOT-only sales booth in the Huntsville Place Mall.  The Foundation was created to own, operate and split the proceeds of BOTís sales for the following types of organizations: Hospital and healthcare, library and culture, and sports and recreation.  Approximately $700,000 in profits has been distributed amongst the membership.

Sudbury Ė The John Howard Society uses BOT proceeds to assist people recently released from incarceration to find employment, housing and clothing; to develop and implement crime prevention programs for youth ages 8 to 16 by teaching them healthy lifestyles; and to provide group programming for young offenders ages 12 to 15 to assist them in redirecting their lives in a positive way before becoming entrenched in criminal behaviour.

Cornwall Ė Without BOTís, the Victorian Order of Nurses, Eastern Counties Branch, would not be able to offer all of the services it currently does.  These services include free nurse visits to those in need over and above amounts funded by government and the administration of a Cancer Support Network, which matches patients now going through treatment with individuals who are cancer survivors.

Barrie Ė Huronia Symphony Inc. uses the proceeds from BOTís to support symphony groups in the city and throughout the local area.

County of Prescott-Russell - Le Centre d'Alphabetisation Moi, J'Apprends.  L'agent amasse au moyen de la vente de billets Nevada servira a continuer les activites d'alphabetisation des adultes francophones du comte de Russell et a organiser des activites de prevention de l'analphabetisme aupres de jeunes.

Sturgeon Falls Ė The West Nipissing General Hospital is able to support important hospital directives such as purchasing operating equipment and supplies for the intensive care unit as a result of BOT sales.

Sharon Ė Thanks to BOTís, the Association for Differently Abled People Together (ADAPT) was able to purchase a new van for the transportation of the differently disabled.

Kingston - The Rotary Club of Kingston has supported various organizations such as the Easter Seals Campaign, the Polio Plus Campaign, the Boys' and Girls' Club of Kingston, the Queens International Centre and other Youth projects.

Marmora - The Friends of the Library uses the proceeds of BOT sales to aid in the operation of the local library and to increase library services in Marmora.

Township of North Glengarry - The Kenyon Township Fire Department use the proceeds of BOT's to purchase new fire fighting equipment for the fire department.

Tamworth - The Tamworth Community Fundraising Committee has raised funds with BOTís to help with Sheffield's part to raise funds for the Sheffield Community Centre.

Kingston - Sunnyside Children's Foundation uses proceeds to enhance and contribute to the well being of children, families and communities by supporting the development and delivery of high quality, innovative mental health services and programs.

United Counties of Stormont / Dundas / Glengarry - The Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry Cornwall Shrine Club has been raising funds through the sale of BOT's in order to assist and provide care and transportation to the Shriners' Hospital.

Eastern Ontario - The Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre has been using BOT funds to provide integrated rehabilitation and education services to physically handicapped children in Eastern Ontario, from infancy to nineteen (19) years of age.

Cambridge - Slovenski Park has used BOT funds to support their Youth programs, such as their dance groups, and also to promote education and heritage of the Slovenian Community.

Cornwall - The Kinette Club of Cornwall uses monies raised to manufacture baby layettes for the Hotel Dieu Hospital, as well as other community needs.

County of Frontenac - In order to promote safe skiing and to administer first aid to injured alpine and nordic skiers in the county, as well as supporting other charitable community programs in need, the Canadian Ski Patrol System, Frontenac Zone has been raising funds through the sale of BOT's.

Sharbot Lake - Students at both Sharbot Lake Public School and Sharbot Lake High School have benefited from the sale of BOT's.  The Sharbot Lake High School Council and the Sharbot Lake Public School, Parent Advisory Committee, have used funds to support co-curriculum activities at the schools.

Ontario - The Crohns & Colitis Foundation of Canada sell BOT's to help fund research and education.

Township of South Dundas - The Brewers' RA Club has used funds to help support youth sports and recreation, such as hockey, figure skating, Camp Kamaga, Scouts, Cubs and other recreation committees in Morrisburg and South Dundas.

Ontario - The Learning Disabilities Association has helped promote further education opportunities for children and adults with learning disabilities.  The Associationís mandate includes promoting awareness and education of parents, teachers and other professionals, to support counseling and awareness activities, and to help enable those persons with learning disabilities to realize their full potential.

Kingston and the Islands - Association canadienne-francaise de l'Ontario.  Revendiquer la creation de nouveaux services, maintenir et ameliorer les services existants en francais.  Sensibiliser la population de la region des Mille-Iles a la vie francophone sur son territoire.  Assuret la visibilite de l'ACFO Mille-Iles.

Prescott - Monies raised through the sale of BOTís by the Prescott Figure Skating Club have been used to help pay for ice rental fees and costs associated with the ice shows.

Napanee - Funds from the sale of BOT's make it possible for the Lenadco Care Association to provide aid and comfort for the residents, as well as to actively support the residents during their transition and to assist with their well being and ever changing needs.

Kingston - The Navy League of Canada, Kingston Branch, has been raising funds to promote, organize, sponsor, support and encourage the education of Youth in Youth activities including a high standard of fitness in sailing, navigation of all kinds, alertness and discipline with particular emphasis on matters of a maritime nature, whether naval or commercial.

Iroquois - The Iroquois Recreation Committee use BOT funds to operate their recreation programs, (swimming, minor ball, tennis, basket ball, recreational hockey) and to operate and maintain recreational facilities, (playgrounds, ball park, beach, nature trail, bike paths).

Eastern Ontario - To support Kidney Disease and Urinary Tract Infection research the Kidney Foundation of Canada, Eastern Ontario Branch, raises funds through the sale of BOT's.

Thunder Bay Ė BOT funds raised by the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra have been used for artist fees, accommodations, travel, music rentals/purchases, hall rentals and advertising/promotion of the Orchestra.

Kingston Region - To enable HIV / AIDS Regional Services to assist those living with HIV / AIDS, they have been raising funds through BOT's.

Township of South Glengarry - The Knights of Columbus #11243 use the proceeds from BOT's to help support various organizations such as Pro-Life, Birth Rights, the Arthritis Society and other community work.

Township of North Frontenac - The North Frontenac Community Services Corporation have been selling BOT's in order to support, promote and provide social services including child welfare, adult support services, counseling services, education services, and community development consultations services.

Morrisburg - The purpose of the Morrisburg Recreation Committee is to promote recreational activities and facilities for all age groups in the Village of Morrisburg.  The committee encourages and coordinates the development of recreational programs that will meet the needs and interest of the residents of Morrisburg.  The proceeds from BOT sales have helped them achieve their goals.

Wolfe Island - The Wolfe Island Volunteer Fire Department raise funds through BOT's to make it possible to purchase new fire fighting equipment.

Township of Northern Frontenac - Supporting recreation committees, providing for senior citizens' busing and to help sustain the Northern Frontenac Rescue Unit by the Sharbot Lake and District Lions Club is made possible through the sale of BOT's.

Selby - Monies raised from the BOT's help the Selby Public School, Parent Advisory Council, support student activities at Selby Public School.

Cornwall - Funds raised through BOT's by the Rotary Club of Cornwall are used to help various charities in the City of Cornwall and surrounding areas.

Ontario - Aboutface has used sales from BOT's to provide information, emotional support, educational programs and to build awareness for children and their families affected by facial disfigurements free of charge.

Ontario - The Hospice Association of Ontario uses proceeds raised from BOT's to assist them in meeting their goals of providing hospice services to all those who live with a life-threatening or terminal illness across Ontario.

Township of South Dundas - The South Dundas Snowmobile Club use proceeds from the sale of BOT's for the maintenance and sometimes construction of bushing, leveling, signs and bridges in order to make snowmobile trails safe for everyone.  They also donate part of the funds to various local charities and events.

Kenora Ė The auxiliary of the Lake of The Woods Hospital has purchased over $1.5 million worth of equipment for the local hospital with the proceeds of BOT sales in the Hospital.

Inverary - The Storrington Minor Soccer Association uses the proceeds from BOT's to provide uniforms and equipment to players, as well as to enhance the soccer facilities, (ie. nets, turf, etc.).

Tamworth - Each year on Canada Day, the Village of Tamworth puts on a spectacular fireworks show, games, clowns, ponies, a parade, etc., for the whole community to enjoy.  This is possible because of BOT sales by Tamworth Canada Day Committee.

St. Catharines Ė Over $98,968 was raised through break open tickets in the last year for the St. Catharines General Hospital Foundation. The money was used to purchase a Flexible Gastroscope, a Colonoscope, a Pasteurmatic Unit and a Vital*Check 3 in 1 Monitor.  This makes a total of $1,273,963.26 raised through break open tickets which has all been used to purchase hospital equipment for the benefit of the patients, none of which is funded by the government.

Ottawa - The Maronite Association of Ottawa is able to provide financial support for needy Lebanese/Canadian families, senior citizens' social activities, and cultural and educational activities for youth partly due to BOT sales.

Hamilton Ė The Mahoney Minor Baseball Association provides one of Hamiltonís oldest and most respected baseball programs for children aged 6 to 17 years.  No child has ever been turned away due to a lack of funds, and the Association prides itself on having a very low registration cost due to the funds generated from the sale of BOTís.

Iroquois - The Iroquois Minor Ball Association uses the money raised from the sale of BOT's to buy and maintain baseball and softball equipment, and to help augment Little League Canada fees in regard to travel and accommodation.

City of Clarence - Rockland - La Foundation de l'aide a L'enfance, Prescott-Russell.  Venir en aide aux enfants dans le besoin.

Prescott - Russell - Association pour l'Intergration Communautaire de Prescott-Russell uses funds raised from BOT's to enhance a better quality of life for the mentally ill so that they are able to live within the community.

Ontario - Funds raised by the Ontario March of Dimes through the sale of BOT's are used for services which include assistive devices, post-polio services, public education, conductive education, recreation and leisure services, literacy training and Design-Ability.

Hamilton Ė Hamilton Huskies Minor Hockey uses BOT proceeds to distributed 53 bursaries over the past nine years.

Ottawa - To raise funds for research into viruses of retro viruses responsible for certain immune deficiencies, Univirus Research of Canada raises money through the sale of BOTís.

Sudbury - The Sudbury Regional Hospital Auxiliary - Laurentian Site, has raised a total of $625,000.00 through the sale of break open tickets in their Hospital Boutique for much needed equipment for their hospital.   Many thanks are given to the auxiliary members for volunteering their time to manage this fundraiser.

Note - These success stories have been collected over the past five years and may not be completely up-to-date.